About Us

In 2018, Pharos Books Private Limited was incorporated as envisioned by our founder Dr. Prabhakar Singh Lodhi, after a long academic career as Professor of History. His lifelong dream to set up a platform to present the readers with things in the right perspective without any prejudice and bias paved the way for the establishment of this organization after his retirement. Extending his dream and vision, Prabhakar Prakashan was established in 2019 to publish similar thought-provoking content in the Hindi language. Both Pharos and Prabhakar Prakashan are, now, well-known and respected publication houses. Right from the onset, we have acknowledged our role as a cultural institution. We are committed to serving society through the books that we publish, and investments we make in new ideas, creativity, and diverse voices. We aspire to support freedom of expression, promote literacy and reading culture and reflect our belief in the power of books to connect and change lives. With this belief and commitment, we provide access to our books for worldwide readers by proliferating our works on both online and offline platforms. In doing all this, the consistent emphasis of our publishing has been on quality. We publish well-researched academic books of all subjects for the school curriculum of classes 0-8 at Pharos. We emphasize on producing school books of high quality, relevance, and affordability. Along with this, at both Pharos and Prabhakar Prakashan, we publish inspiring and enlightening general books in a wide range of genres for readers of all ages. Authors from around the world, writing different kinds of works, have found a voice through our publishing. We publish titles on various subjects from philosophy to health, fiction to non-fiction, environmental issues to subjects of physical science, current socio-political and economic issues, and works of translation in indigenous languages as well as international languages. We also selectively reproduce outstanding titles published abroad, to make them accessible and affordable to readers in India and the subcontinent.