Rumbidzai Tanya Machera

My name is Rumbidzai Tanya Machera, l am a girl of 19years of age. I reside in Botswana, Gaborone. I am a student at the Botswana Accountancy College and l am currently studying BCom (Honours) in Business Intelligence and Data Analytics (BIDA). I aspire to be a well-knownAuthor who writes poetry and short stories as a way of connecting with people by motivating them to forget their deep pains in a good way as well as making them to smile (which reduces wrinkles). I want to engage peopleby making them believe in themselves and to always love themselves first and not think of what other people say about them.    

Writing poetry and short storiesduring my spare time is my life and l really enjoy it. Therefore, l am eager to learn about poetry if any opportunity arise.Writing has always been my passion, seeing people read my poems and watching my poetry content on a platform such as YouTube andcritique them makes me happy. I started writing when l was a young girl, of which thewriting language really amazed me, especially poetry. 

The way poetry words infused into different beautiful pieces fascinates me. At first, writing poetry was a challenge but as l grew older my affection for poetry also grew. Yes! I like challenging myself. 

The support that my family and friends provide is what gets me through. Writing poetry is not easy, it needs one to be determined and focused. I write poetry as it helps me when l havean overflow of words especially when expressingmy feelings. 

In my spare time l like having fun with my family and friends, reading novels, creating vases through old newspapers and card boxes which is part of improving the eco-system and just relaxing, watching Netflix and chilling at home like any other youthwould do.