Taboka Salang

Taboka Salang, born on the 28th of September 1994 in a small but developing village called Rakops, in Boteti District Botswana. I am a multi-talented multimedia artist of which my artistic traits include; visual arts (painting, drawing and murals), computer arts (cartoons/illustrations, animations, digital or graphic arts). I am commonly known as the Queen of Arts Bw, the girl who paints on tswana walls.    

I do not only paints murals on traditional huts, but I am also a multifaceted artist whose multimedia art includes literature (writing plays and poems) I have published a novel titled the Manipulative teachers. The title does not mean I hate teachers. It is a fictional novel hence characters portrayed in it do not depict any real life characters. I can now write because teachers had impacted me. The Manipulative teachers is not the only book I wrote but I have written a few books like When sun rises over the horizon, The found hope and The perfect puzzle,”  

My Official Facebook page is the Queen of Arts Bw, I am also on Instagram as the Queen_of_arts_Bw. Address is P O Box 44, Rakops Botswana.