Koos Verkaik

Koos Verkaik was born in Bolnes, near Rotterdam. He is a Dutch author of fantasy, science fiction, horror and series of children’s books. Koos published the comic Scotty Clay in weekly Sjors, when he was 16 years of age; four pages every week. He wrote his first novel, the science fiction thriller ‘Adolar’, during one weekend; he was only 18 years of age then and the novel got published immediately. Now he has already published over 70 different titles. For Pharos Publishing he wrote the beautiful series of children’s books ‘Alex and The Wolpertinger’. Pharos Publishing also publishes his very best novels: Mortals & Gods, Legio, Merlin & Mephisto, Nickel Dime Boulevard, Demigods – and many more titles to come! Koos Verkaik is a hard working author, who never had a writer’s block in his life – he writes every day. He always knows to surprise his readers and his plots, twists and ideas are unique! Website: .