Rabindranath Tagore


21.59 x 13.97 x 0.8 cm

Every soul longs for a communion with the ultimate truth and when this longing takes the form of vehement devotion, what comes out of it is a soulful melody of endless songs. The depth of love and devotion, Tagore has for the divine, is poured into Gitanjali, which is a prayer for the ennoblement of humanity. The central theme of Gitanjali is devotion, and its motto is 'I am here to sing thee songs' (No. XV). Gitanjali's sometimes compared to the Book of Psalms and explores the personal relationship between the poet and divinity. The manner of singing God's praises, the willingness to selfless surrender and exhortations to fellow human beings for shunning worldly desires, are subthemes of these songs. Tagore's language is neither complicated nor rife with allusions or marred with the figurative or metaphorical use of words or expressions. The simplicity of old English and minimal linguistic variations contribute towards the wide readership of Gitanjali, and it is, precisely, what you need to revive your spirit and get you closer to yourself.