Tarzan of the Apes

Edgar Rice Burroughs    

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Book Excerpt: ...ship, or meddling in affairs that don't concern you you can take the consequences, and be damned. I don't care whether you are an English lord or not. I'm captain of this here ship, and from now on you keep your meddling nose out of my business."The captain had worked himself up to such a frenzy of rage that he was fairly purple of face, and he shrieked the last words at the top of his voice, emphasizing his remarks by a loud thumping of the table with one huge fist, and shaking the other in Clayton's face.Greystoke never turned a hair, but stood eying the excited man with level gaze."Captain Billings," he drawled finally, "if you will pardon my candor, I might remark that you are something of an ass."Whereupon he turned and left the captain with the same indifferent ease that was habitual with him, and which was more surely calculated to raise the ire of a man of Billings' class than a torrent of invective.So, whereas the captain might easily have been brought to regr...