Software Engineering Fundamental



Alind Saxena


23.5 x 17.78 x 1.78 cm

The aim of this book is to refresh you from software engineering fundamental concepts, basic day to day Definitions / Terminologies, Development Models, Encompassing Specifications, Function Oriented Modelling, Object Oriented Modelling, Dynamic Modelling, Analysis, Design, Coding, Testing, Implementation, Metrics, PERT Charts, Gantt Charts, Project Management, Software Configuration Management, Software Maintenance, Software Quality Assurance etc. You will utilize it during the period of learning and even after that. It will give the glimpse of array of questions and answers. It will induce the capacity and capability and confidence in you to do real life applications. It is hoped that you will drink the water not for you only but will provide to others. A job teaches us to obey while expertise and perfection are the result of our own efforts. Do practice with software paradigms (Structured Programming, Modular Programming, Objects Oriented Programming etc.) and measure the same to become Software Engineer.